Thong Elephant Sanctuary is a self-supporting animal organization that depends on daily revenue from our visitors.

Unfortunately, for many weeks now, the Covid-19 has decided to go against the holidays of our visitors, and has changed the plan from everybody all around the world, and not for the best.

As karen hill-tribe people, we are farmers, and even if the rainy season has been quite bad the previous year, we still have rice for our own consumption in the village and for our mahouts who take care and live with our elephants everyday.

But we are now in summer ( dry season ) wich seems to be quite hard this year again, and it become difficult to us to support or 5 elephants without any daily visitors. Furthermore, as it is the dry season, we also have these days to fight fires that start in the jungle and around.

We unfortunately feel that we have no option except to seek some support from friends, with donations for food for our 5 elephants

We all look forward for better days.
Thank you in advance for your understanding, and your generous support.

and thank you from our elephants family :

  • Joy, 5yr old
  • Mae Dao, 32yo
  • Nam petch 13yo
  • Pum Pui 5yo
  • & Thun Wa 12yo


And please, stay all inside and safe! We hope to welcome you soon 🙂

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